• Our history

  • Located in Sanborn Iowa, Yesterday's Memories Museum houses 1000's of items from the years gone by. Almost 80 years ago, the Vander Haag family began to collect trucks and cars. John Vander Haag senior opened Southside Junkyard in 1939 which sold recycled automotive and truck parts. The company, which was later renamed to Vander Haag's Inc., eventually dropped the automotive side of the business and focused solely on trucks. The family began to collect things like children's toys, fuel pumps, historic trucks, cars, and mechanical implements.

    Spencer Yard

  • On Display

    • Reo

    • Jeffery

    • Krebs

    • GMC

    • Ford

    • Chevrolet


The movie star the professor and Mary Ann here on Gilligans Isle. Just sit right back and you'll hear.